Driving on winter roads in Kamloops takes a toll on our vehicles, including the brakes. A buildup of frozen debris and salt creates a dirty undercarriage causing in rust and corrosion. This can result in damage to your exhaust system, muffler and brake pads.
Signs for corrosion to the undercarriage has to be inspected visually, and is not an easy task. It’s important to check for corrosion periodically, especially in challenging seasonal conditions, as corrosion can cause decreased acceleration or braking power and a frozen emergency brake. Cleaning the undercarriage with a pressure hose when temperatures rise above zero, goes a long way in saving not only your brakes, but exhaust system as well.
Another problem with brakes in the winter is weakened lines. Don’t worry about the brake fluid freezing. It won’t freeze until about minus 40, but the quality may worsen over time and exposure to harsh weather can wear out your brake lines. If brake lines crack, water can seep in and compromise the freeze-proof properties of your brake fluid. You may diagnose watered down fluid and damaged brake lines if your brakes take longer to set up and accelerate after taking your foot off the pedal. Check your recommended maintenance schedule in your manual and bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection and service if you suspect any problems.

My emergency brake is stuck!

When the temperatures dip below zero, don’t use the emergency brake unless absolutely necessary. If your emergency brake is frozen, turn the ignition on and gently rev the engine. As the car warms up, the ice will probably melt so you can disengage the brake. Ice may buildup may be the culprit, so working the brake a few times could dislodge any remaining ice. If this doesn’t work, hopefully an outside electrical outlet is available where you can plug your hairdryer in and warm it up on the wheel it’s connected to. If your parking brake was left on too long in storage, jamming could be the result of rust and corrosion.
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From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops