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Our Services


Computerized Fuel Injection Diagnostics & Repairs

Most vehicles on the road today are equipped with onboard computers responsible for controlling systems, including fuel injectors and spark plugs. Fuel injection problems include hard starting, misfiring, stalling and no-starts. The reason for any of these problems can be diagnosed and repaired by our auto mechanics. These mini computers (microprocessors) record certain codes when issues develop, and can be read by our automotive diagnostic tools. After identifying the problem, an accurate estimate for repairs can be given. Our diagnostic software can pinpoint faults in the ignition, transmission, engine and fuel injection, and is a very effective way to analyze for needed repairs.

Fuel injectors are located in the intake manifold and spray fuel as mist through a tiny nozzle. The flow of the fuel through the nozzle can be adjusted for optimum engine performance and throttle control. Fuel injectors can become dirty over time, resulting in engine problems and dirty exhaust emissions.

Electric vehicles don’t have fuel injection systems for obvious reasons, but hybrid vehicles do. Hybrids use an internal combustion engine just like conventional cars. Fuel is injected through the combustion chamber into the engine, combined with air and ignited by the spark plug. Although hybrid vehicles additionally have an electric motor and battery as a power source, their engine design requires computerized fuel injection diagnostics and repairs for optimal engine performance and warranty care.


We provide comprehensive auto repair services to take care of all the maintenance tasks your warranty and vehicle demand. Tune-ups help your car or truck run smooth and hassle-free, while saving gas mileage and planning day-drives. Our tune-ups can be customized for your particular vehicle and driving habits, but basically cover brake and tire inspections, including balancing, battery checks, diagnostics, air and oil filter changes, oil changes and lubes. Filters accommodate air or fluid flow and trap debris that could otherwise affect performance, contribute to corrosion, or just plain smell bad. Replacing the filters regularly will keep your engine running smoothly and maintain clean air in the cabin for your health. Oil changes are necessary for warranty protection and to keep your engine running smoothly. Check the owner’s manual for the recommended mileage per oil change for your vehicle.


Subaru Tune-ups and Repairs in Kamloops

We specialize in Subaru repair! Whether you’re driving the uber popular Subaru Forester or sporty BRZ, we can repair it for you. Our red seal Subaru mechanics have been serving Kamloops drivers since 1988 and our experience shows in the high-quality work we do on local vehicles. Following your Subaru Maintenance Manual schedule for periodic inspections and maintenance services ensures your vehicle runs smoothly. When it’s time for your Subaru repairs and warranty maintenance, book your vehicle with an appointment with us. And although we specialize in Subaru repairs and maintenance, all vehicles are certainly welcome!

Brake Inspections and Service

Are your brakes squealing? It’s time to book an appointment with us for a complete 4-wheel brake service. After your brake inspection, we may recommend new brakes or repair, brake fluid, or brake rotor replacement. It’s no surprise that your brakes are one of the most important safety features for driving. Brake pads can become worn down and ineffective after time. Kamloops drivers need new brake pads depending on their vehicle type, driving style and how many miles they normally add to the odometer reading each year. Hearing annoying sounds when you apply the brakes is one sign that it’s time to get your brakes checked. Disc brakes, or rotors, should be replaced for even stopping performance about every 70 thousand miles on most vehicles, but again, replacement depends on driving habits and the original quality of your car parts. Beyond the incredibly annoying metallic squealing you hear when you need new brakes, if you see grooves worn into the rotor by the brake pads or feel vibration when braking, bring your vehicle in for a brake check. The goal of our certified technicians, is to keep you safe on the road.


Muffler Repair and Exhaust Inspections

Corroded or broken mufflers and exhaust pipes are usually pretty easy to diagnose for drivers, because they are very LOUD. Damaged exhaust systems add carbon emissions into the environment and negatively affect engine performance. Another sign of exhaust problems includes vibration with loose exhaust hangers and hardware. Left unchecked, engine damage can occur, caused by a drop in engine backpressure. Our auto mechanics are experienced in exhaust repairs, and when your car is up on one of our lifts, we can inspect the exhaust system for damage. We’ll check the muffler, tailpipe, gaskets, hangers, catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and wiring and the nuts and bolts that hold the exhaust system together.

Used Vehicle Inspections

If you’ve just bought a used vehicle registered in another province, it is subject to inspection at a designated inspection facility. BC’s Vehicle Inspection & Standards program is dedicated to having only the safest and most roadworthy vehicles on our highways. Inspections are completed by our qualified mechanics authorized to write legal reports that include a thorough check of your car’s performance and mechanical systems. Our authorized mechanics check brakes, tires, seat belts, warning lights and safety systems, steering, mechanical integrity, engine, lighting and electrical. When our used vehicle inspection is completed, you receive a comprehensive report explaining the results and can proceed with your BC registration.


Tire Repairs, Rotation and Balancing

How is it that stray screws lost on the road find their way into our tires resulting in a slow leak or flat? Actually, this scenario is not that uncommon. We’re well known to Kamloops drivers for our stellar tire service. As part of your regular car maintenance schedule, tire rotation keeps the tire tread even for longer wear. Call us for wheel balancing, wheel alignments and tire repairs. If you need to purchase new tires, read on! Our tire specialists will find you the perfect set for your vehicle.

Tire Sales

Advance Auto Service is proud to offer an extensive selection of tires for every make and model, whether you drive a passenger car, performance vehicle, truck or SUV.

Our brands include:

  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Michelin
  • BF Goodrich
  • Toyo Tires
  • Cooper Tires

Winter Tires: Designed for confident stopping on snow and ice, installing seasonal winter tires are the best choice for safe seasonal driving, especially if you drive long distances for work through inclement weather and storms. Winter tires are manufactured with aggressive tread patterns and rubber compounds for reliable traction through ice, snow and slush.

Summer Tires: Engineered for superior performance and grip strength for dry pavement and water displacement. Running a set of summers can enhance steering response, performance and handling precision for a smooth ride.

All-Season Tires: For year-round convenience and engineered traction through seasonal weather disruptions. You’ll still see the snowflake/mountain symbol on all-seasons, but you won’t have to swap your tires out for summers in the spring.

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