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Q: I noticed a wet spot on the concrete where I normally park my car. Does this mean something’s leaking?

A: Great question. Most often, condensation can cause water to leak under a vehicle. The condensation drips from your exhaust or is caused by the air conditioner. In this case, there’s nothing to worry about. There can be more concerning issues developing with leaks under your car with other liquids, including oil, gas, brake fluid, transmission fluid, gear oil, and coolant. If it smells like gas or is coloured; green, black or brown for example, it’s time to bring your car in for an inspection before safety problems result in driving problems, or worse, a collision.

Q: How can I make my brakes stop squealing?

A: We’re glad you asked, because not only is this set-your-teeth-on-edge sound annoying, it probably means your brakes are in need of repair. This is a safety issue, so don’t hesitate to bring your car in if this is happening to you. Worn brake pads wear down over time resulting in a metallic noise as the backing plate makes contact with the rotor or drum. Brake pads have a metal wear indicator so you can hear when the pads are worn out. When we inspect your brakes, we also visually inspect the rotors or drums for signs of damage. Brake noise may also be caused from trapped debris, missing hardware (like anti-rattle clips) or lubrication issues. If you are ever in doubt about your brakes, we highly recommend bringing your vehicle in for a brake inspection. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road.

Q: I just bought a car that’s not registered in BC. Do you do car inspections?

A: Yes! Advance Auto Service is a designated inspection facility. After inspection, we provide a full legal report so you can purchase car insurance.

Q: Can I get an estimate first before I get auto repairs done?

A: Yes. Another good question we are glad to answer here. Give us a call to discuss your particular needs, or pre-book an inspection and we can give you a solid estimate for repairs. There are times when you need vehicle maintenance, such as regular oil changes to keep your warranty valid and general repairs that need attention. Our service advisor can give you an estimate before any work is started.

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