If you’re like most people, the warning lights on your car’s dashboard are something you notice for a moment when they first appear but forget about soon after. But your car or truck warning lights aren’t for decoration—they’re meant to let you know when there are issues with your vehicle, like low oil levels and decreased tire pressure. While it’s tempting (and convenient) to ignore your car’s built-in warning signs, doing so can harm your vehicle—and wallet.
The following are the top reasons you shouldn’t ignore these warning lights and come in for service!

Minor warnings

Although you should service your car or truck regularly to maintain peak performance, warning lights are a simple way to know it’s time to visit with our mechanics! Some warnings may be minor, like leaving your parking brake on or your gas cap open. But some lights, like the “Check Engine” light, should be checked by a licensed mechanic. Call us and we can advise on what to do while you are out on the road… typically you can drive to our shop without damaging your car or truck.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns

No one likes being stuck in traffic or stranded on the side of a rural road because their vehicle broke down. It might feel scary when the light comes on, perhaps if you are in a left-hand turning lane on a multi-lane freeway or driving alone at night. By paying attention to your car’s warning lights and seeking out maintenance and repairs as soon as they are needed, you can help to avoid the hassle of a sudden breakdown.

More expensive in the long run

A neglected “Oil Needed” message on the dashboard, when left long enough, can lead to your engine seizing and result in a potential repair bill of several thousand dollars. Ignoring your car’s built-in warning system can turn a minor issue, like topping up fluids, into a major problem. Paying attention to your car’s warning lights and taking a proactive approach to car maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary expenses down the road.

Don’t Wait to Set Up Your Appointment

With two locations in Kamloops to serve you, Advance Auto Service is the Thompson-Nicola region’s most trusted choice for vehicle service and maintenance. When you spot your vehicle’s warning light, contact us for quick and affordable service from our expert, licensed automotive technicians.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops