With spring in full gear and summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about new summer tires. Summer tires have unique features ideal for hot summer days, long driving trips, smooth and dry roads, and unexpected summer storms. We have created this quick guide to help you choose the summer tires that best meet your needs.

Durable Tire Material

The rubber used in summer tires is different from winter materials because it can withstand excessive heat and higher driving speeds. Synthetic rubber is the most common material used for summer tires because it’s a softer rubber—it maintains contact with the road for optimal handling and performance.

Summer Tread Pattern

Did you know there are tread patterns on rubber tires are designed to hug the road and improve handling and traction during any type of summer weather? Features of summer treads include more surface area, smaller gaps between treads, and symmetrical groove patterns. The shallow grooves and wide treads also help to reduce bumps and create a smooth and comfortable ride during long road trips.

Traction in Wet Conditions

Summer weather can be unpredictable, with many regions experiencing intense summer rainstorms. Summer tires with specially-designed tread patterns can help your car maintain traction during wet road conditions. Look for tires with V-shaped treads and a deeper groove pattern—this with help funnel water away from the rubber and allow the tires to grip the road safely.

Tire Width

In the winter, tires with a narrow profile are ideal for improved handling during snowy and slushy conditions. In summer, however, the wider the tire, the more contact the car has with the road. Like a racecar, wider tires ensure better handling and enhanced performance—especially at higher speeds.

Book an Appointment For Summer Tires

Advance Auto Service is here to help swap out your winter tires and get you driving on the ideal summer tires. After April 30, you can drive on high mountain passes in BC with summer tires, so don’t wait. We’ are a full service mechanic shop for all your car and truck service needs. With two locations in Kamloops to serve you, swapping your winter tires for summer treads is quick and affordable. For all of your service and maintenance needs, contact us today.

From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops