You may have heard of undercoating and wondered what it is and if you need it. Having a correctly applied undercoating is important. To understand why, we’ll first tell you what it is.

What is undercoating?

Undercoating helps protect your car from rust and corrosion. For best protection, it needs to be applied once a year. While modern cars are made from corrosion-resistant materials, corrosion is still an issue. Correctly applying an undercoating can add years of life to your vehicle.

Types of undercoating

Rubberized – This is a spray on coating that protects against moisture, salt, oxygen, and other substances that lead to rust and corrosion.
Polyurethane – This coating quickly gets into all the cracks and crevices, keeping out salt and other corrosives. It bounds around oxidized metal to prevent rust from spreading.
Wax – This is also known as lanolin coating. This fills in all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle chassis to keep out unwanted moisture and prevent rust. It’s a time-tested approach and is used for ships, construction/excavation equipment, as well as automobiles.
Asphalt-based – Asphalt undercoating is used mainly for trucks and other heavy work vehicles. It’s designed to protect against rocks and debris. It’s a little more expensive and difficult to apply than the other options.

What type of undercoating should you use?

The short answer is: any. All the options will protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion. (Unless you’re using your vehicle for heavy work, you can probably do without the Asphalt option!) All new comes come with undercoating. What’s important is that you check how much undercoating remains each year, and that you reapply it regularly for maximum protection.

Drop By for a Maintenance Visit

Undercoating is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply – and can add years of life to your vehicle. Bring your car or truck to us and we’ll get you sorted right out! We’ll also check your tire wear and tire pressure, important engine fluids, and air filters. Call us to schedule an appointment today!
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops