Fuel injectors work by spraying fuel as a mist through an engineered nozzle, and they are located in the intake manifold of your vehicle. Fuel sprayed as a mist is easier for your engine to burn, and you can feel this fact in action when you step on the gas pedal and your vehicle’s throttle valve opens. At this point, the injector mixes with the air and enters the engine’s combustion cylinders to power the engine. Fuel injectors can become clogged over time, leading to decreased performance, poor gas mileage and dirty exhaust emissions. Different types of fuel injectors include direct injection, sequential fuel injection, single point injection and multipoint fuel injection.
Our fuel injector cleaning service includes cleaning out the injectors themselves and the combustion chambers. This is an important part of your general maintenance to keep your vehicle at peak performance and help the fuel system parts reach their product lifespan. Regular engine tune-ups and fuel injector cleanings reduce harmful emissions to fight climate change and provide better gas mileage. If you notice a negative change in engine performance, it may be time for fuel injector cleaning.

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