It’s amazing how gross our air filters can smell after a summer of using the AC on high or during periods of damp weather, when mold builds up inside the vents. Removing the smell of mold from your vents using a disinfectant spray is easy. First turn your fan onto high then roll down your windows to allow fumes to blow outside the vehicle. Outside air flows through the vents located under your wipers, and it’s here that you spray your disinfectant into those vent openings. Leave the fan blowing for 10 minutes or so to allow fresh air to blow through the entire vent system. This technique works great on the short term, but if mold is still present in your filter, that dusty damp smell will come back.
Deodorizers that hang off your rear-view mirror work okay by dominating in the bad-scent area, and these days, you can find aromatics in any scent you want, from roses to pine trees. The problem is that bad air smell won’t go away because your air filter is still producing moldy smells, and when the deodorizer wears off, rank smells come back. Remember also that if mold is present in your filter, the spores can be unhealthy on your lungs.
If someone’s played a joke on you and stuck sardines down your vents, sorry, the only way to get rid of the smell is to remove the offending material. Before getting desperate and ripping your dash off though, bring your car into our shop and we’ll help you out with your dilemma.
Our number one recommendation for getting that smell out of your vents is have us install a new air filter. They should be replaced regularly because mold, residue from forest fire smoke, traffic pollution and road dust eventually make them ineffective. Air filters are economical, and help you breathe better in the cabin of your car, truck or RV. If you have dust or pollen allergies, you’ll want to keep that air filter clean. The added bonus of clean new air filters? Increased fuel efficiency, overall vehicle performance because of increased air flow to your engine, and a reduction in emissions, which is great for the environment.
Need a new air filter? Come and visit us to discuss the best fit for your vehicle. We’ll have you up and driving with clean fresh air in no time.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops