If we were complaining just a few short months ago about the lack of sunshine and cold temperatures, well, we’re not now. Our record setting heat wave makes us stop and think about being prepared when traveling, altering plans, or not – and packing the kids, dog and voluminous bags of summer food and beverage into the SUV and taking off on a road trip to our favourite hidden beach. Leaving early in the morning helps, before the heat of day makes open air miserable. The sun is rising, your fresh roast coffee is sitting in the cup holders, and the kids are strapped in. Let’s go! Wait, where’s the dog?

Make Sure Your AC is Working

If you’re driving a newer vehicle, no doubt the air conditioning is running efficiently and keeps the cabin air fresh and at a comfortable temperature, even during a heat wave. Older vehicles however, should be checked to ensure the air conditioner is working correctly. Depending on who is in the vehicle traveling with you, air conditioning failure could be disastrous. If you encounter problems with your AC this summer, bring your vehicle in to us for repairs, including electrical issues, faulty cooling fans, leaking refrigerant and broken or clogged condensers.

Emergency Roadside Kits for Summer Traveling

Pack water, water and plenty of water. An extra cooler designated for ice packs is a good idea when summer temperatures soar this high. Solar fans are a great idea. They are battery free and create a cooling air flow to sluff off heat. First aid kits, insect bite relief sticks and sun umbrellas are other great items to make your summer day trip a success. After parking in the shade and finding your way to the beach, you can cool off in the water and enjoy the day.

Need AC repairs in Kamloops?

Call Advance Auto Service. You can count on us for reliable car and truck repairs, parts and maintenance at a fair price. Our goal is to keep your vehicle in peak running condition so you enjoy your summer on the road.
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From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops