When you know winter is coming, it is best to be prepared and to ensure that your car is in good shape to function well during cold weather. You can keep yourself from spending time waiting by the side of the road in the cold by following these tips:

Snow Tires Avoid Accidents

Snow tires are essential in the Okanagan. Once you have installed the appropriate tires, keep an eye on your tire pressure. Overinflated tires won’t give you the control you need on icy roads.

Check Your Battery

Take the time now to have your battery checked and replaced if needed. Oil change retailers can quickly do this for you. Cold weather tends to put a strain on batteries, and you need the charge to be reliable when starting a car in the cold.

Keep Antifreeze And Windshield Fluid Handy

It’s handy to have a small container of antifreeze in the car for emergencies. And don’t forget that all important below-zero windshield fluid!

Engine Block Plugin

Depending on how cold it gets where you live, consider adding an engine block heater that you can plug in at night.

Visit Us for a Pre-Winter Check-up

Most importantly, consider having your car checked and prepped by the professionals at Advance Auto Service. We will guarantee that everything is up to shape and ready for winter. Our team is happy to help you get ready for the cold weather ahead by providing quality car services. Whether your car needs new snow tires or just an air pressure and antifreeze update, we can help! Contact us to arrange an appointment.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops