Unfortunately smoke and evacuation alerts are causing a lot of stress for us as we move through another summer of wildfires in BC. If you don’t have enclosed parking for your vehicle, you may be worried what all the ash fallout can do to your paint. Ash may contain calcium and potassium, which in dry form doesn’t harm your car, but will become corrosive when damp from fog for example. Dust your car off with soft long handled duster that won’t scratch the paint, or take it to a car wash frequently to completely remove the ash. Under these conditions, a cloth cover may be worth the investment.
Smoke and ash can damage the interior of a vehicle, so it’s important to keep your windows and sunroom closed. Wildfire smoke can also clog your cabin filter, resulting in less efficiency. It’s a good idea to inspect your engine and cabin air filters frequently in these smoky conditions to keep your engine and A/C running smoothly and keep the air clean inside your vehicle for better health.
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We invite you to call us when you need your filters checked and replaced. Our fully licensed technicians can help you with tires, rotation and balancing, computerized fuel injection diagnostics and repairs, brakes, exhaust, and vehicle inspections.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops