Many of the temporarily remote work positions are now over, and it’s back-to-work for Kamloops locals as we regain pre-COVID lifestyles. That means more driving, and higher fuel bills, so here’s a few tips to keep our tight budgets in control. Fuel economy is more important now than ever, and we’re here to help.
The number one choice on saving fuel consumption may be purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, but that’s not possible for most of us. If you’re looking to save money on gas, there are a few things you can do. One is to carpool when possible. This will reduce the amount of driving you have to do, and thus the amount of fuel you use. Another is to map out your shopping trips. This way, you can make sure you hit all the stores you need to in one trip, rather than making multiple trips that add up to more mileage. One of the easiest things to do is to use eco-mode when driving. Eco-mode is a fuel-saving setting that’s available on most newer cars. It works by adjusting your car’s transmission, throttle response, and climate control system to be more fuel-efficient. While it may not seem like much, using eco-mode can help you save a significant amount of fuel over time. Another way to save money on gas is to make sure you’re using the appropriate fuel for your car. Most car manuals will list the recommended octane rating for your vehicle. Using a lower octane fuel than what’s recommended can actually hurt your fuel economy. So, if you want to save money on gas, it’s important to use the right fuel for your car.
  • Switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • Car pool to reduce driving mileage
  • Use eco-mode
  • Use the correct fuel for your vehicle
  • Keep your vehicle running in peak condition
Lastly, and more importantly, keep your engine running efficiently with tune-ups and oil changes. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, as this can improve your fuel economy by up to 3 percent. After you’re all tuned up and ready for the road, you may want to load the family up and head out to Wells Gray Park, do some hiking or biking and see the waterfall. Check out our road trip blog here: Kamloops Road Trips – Wells Gray Park

Auto Repairs in Kamloops

Advance Auto Service can help you save money on gas. By keeping your car in good shape, you can improve your gas mileage and avoid costly repairs. Our services help your vehicle running smoothly, so your engine runs at peak performance with fuel savings to boot. Call Advance Auto Service for vehicle repairs in Kamloops. You can count on us for reliable car and truck repairs, parts and maintenance at a fair price. We are a Uni-Pro Full-Service Auto Care Centre. Interested in working with us? Check out our CAREERS page.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops