Winter maintenance recommendations for these dual engine vehicles differ slightly by make, but still require scheduled servicing in order to respect warranty obligations. Once the warranty is over, maintaining a scheduled service program keeps the vehicle running at top efficiency and can catch early problems and prevent costly repairs.
Hybrids need oil and transmission fluid changes, filter replacements, and new spark plugs the same as conventional vehicles. The electronics that control the electric drive motor for propulsion and regenerative braking, generate heat and have their own dedicated cooling systems. These need to be checked during regular scheduled maintenance and include inspecting hoses, pipes, clamps and filters used on the motor and the battery cooling and heating systems. You’ll get better wear on brake pads, because the regenerative braking feature stores heat and energy for later use. It’s still important though, to know the signs of worn out brakes as your brake pads impact your safety and the overall function of the vehicle. While you’ll need fewer oil changes thanks to the electric motor sharing the load, your spark plugs will need more frequent inspection because of constant starting and stopping.

Taking Care of Your Hybrid Battery

The condition of hybrid batteries and auxiliary batteries will decline if they are not stored properly. Charge the auxiliary battery at least once every second week by powering on the hybrid system with the non-essential electrical turned off. Your heater or audio equipment can drain the battery as it is attempting to charge. Charge your hybrid electric battery at least once every second month until the ready light is on. It’s not necessary to drive your vehicle to charge the batteries, but with safety in mind, be sure to power-on in an open area or outside to prevent exhaust buildup. There’s no danger of shock or fire from your hybrid battery pack because it is sealed and the voltage circuits are protected from accidental contact. Once your battery has reached the end of its product lifespan, it can be recycled through your dealership. Your battery will last according to usage and climate conditions. For an overall technical check of your hybrid battery, call and book an appointment with our service staff.
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