Well, it’s official friends, we’re now well on our way through Autumn, as proven by an earlier sunset (currently around 6:00 p.m.) and dimmer days. Safe driving means our headlights are clean in good working order. There are several reasons why your headlights may be faulty. If your headlights are flickering while driving, you may have a problem with the bulb, a weak battery or a failing alternator (hopefully this is not the case).
Headlights going dim as you slow down or stop could mean a corroded ground wire or a loose alternator belt. If the light is always too dim, check your headlight covers. They could be dirty or foggy, which is not uncommon on older vehicles. You can clean foggy headlight covers by cleaning the surface, drying it, and applying headlight restorer. It’s a good idea to replace old bulbs before they burn out completely. Your owner’s manual will tell you which bulb you need to replace the old one and how long it should last with average use.

Headlight Repairs and Replacements

If your headlight has been damaged by an accident, bring your vehicle in and we’ll have one of our estimators go over the repair needs with you before you book an appointment with us for repair work. You can count on us for reliable car and truck repairs, parts and maintenance at a fair price.

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We have two locations in Kamloops to serve you better, and remain open for business following COVID-19 protocols as updated by the provincial health authorities to keep customers and staff safe. To make an appointment with our auto technicians, phone AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance on 2063 E Trans Canada Hwy – service advisor Nicole at: (250) 374-8787 or T & H AutoPro 130 Wilson Street – service advisor Gena Caputo at (250) 554-3444.

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