Spring is finally here in the Okanagan, and BC car and truck owners across the province are getting their vehicles ready for warmer weather and improved road conditions. Once the snow and ice are gone, drivers should swap out their winter tires for better treads for driving in spring, summer, and fall. Book an appointment with us for the end of April! In BC there are still some restrictions on highways that are at higher elevations to keep those winter tires (or chains) on from October 1st to April 30th each year.

What’s so special about winter tires?

Winter tires are different than regular tires because they are made out of a rubber that provides greater traction in the extreme cold temperatures of a Canadian winter. Winter tires are designed with knobby treads or even metal studs to help the tires grip roads that are covered in ice and snow.

How are summer tires different?

The main difference between summer and winter tires are size and sharpness of the tire tread. Summer tire treads usually have a lower profile with fewer sharp edges. Summer tires also feature “funnelling treads”—a tread pattern that funnels water from under the tire during rainy conditions. Summer tires are made from a durable compound rubber than can handle the intense heat coming off of roads in summer, and wet and rainy conditions.

Do I need new summer tires?

When swapping out your winter tires, ask the team at Advance Auto to check your tires over to make sure they are still suitable for summer driving. We will check the tires to make sure:
  • There is enough tread on all tire
  • surfaces. Tires should be replaced when the tread depth reaches 2/32”

  • There are no uneven wear spots
  • There are no large holes or puncture spots
  • The tread isn’t separating from the main body of the tire
Winter tire

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Our trained technicians can help your vehicle transition from winter to summer driving—from tire swaps and tune-ups to oil changes, brake checks and repairs, and windshield repair. For more information or to book a service appointment, contact us today. Advance Auto Service proudly serves Kamloops with two locations for your vehicle maintenance and service needs.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops