Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to take your vehicle out of storage for your first road trip. You’ll want to check your battery charge and terminal connections for signs of corrosion. How’s the oil? This is a good time for an oil change and to double check you’re using the right motor oil for your vehicle’s engine. Look under the vehicle for fluid leaks, and inspect the wiring and hoses for signs of wear or rodent damage. If you’ve plugged the tail pipe to keep mice and squirrels from winter-nesting in your seats, remember to clear it. Are your headlights working? If your headlight covers look dim, a good trick is to brush them with a toothbrush and toothpaste then rinse them off and polish them with a clean cloth. Check the taillights and blinkers. It’s a good idea to inspect your tires for signs of damage, such as balding areas, cracks and bulges and check your tire pressure. Changing the cabin filter will freshen the old musty air inside your car and help your AC work better.
It’s time to put the key in the ignition and fire it up. Your engine may run a little rough at first as it takes a few minutes for the fuel to fully circulate for a smooth idle. Now comes the fun part. Have a great road trip, your first of the year.

Uni-Pro Full-Service Auto Care Centre

  • New car batteries
  • Spring tune-ups
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust
  • Tire sales and repairs
  • Computerized fuel injection diagnostics and repairs
Being a member of Uni-Pro means the best customer experience possible in vehicle repairs with the longest list of services in the auto industry. Bring your car in for an engine tune-up and oil change to keep your vehicle running at peak performance through the road trip season. Our Uni-Pro connection also gives us access to the best parts and outstanding warranties on our work. You can count on us for reliable car and truck repairs, parts and maintenance at a fair price. We’ve been serving Kamloops since 1988 and look forward to serving Kamloops drivers through 2021.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops