In our Kamloops Road Trips series, we explore day routes so you can take to get out and enjoy the surrounding scenery. Four main highways intersect within the city of Kamloops for access to any direction on the compass, and considering the views and close proximity to lookout points, wineries and parks, it’s no wonder weekend road trips are so popular with Kamloops drivers.
Wells Gray Provincial Park is a pleasant 1.5 hour drive from Kamloops and this month is the perfect time to travel, with crisp, clean air (no wildfire smoke) and cooler temperatures for short hikes. There are 41 waterfalls in the park, and most are easily accessed from the corridor road at the park’s entrance. Helmcken Falls drops 141 meters from the Murtle River and is a great spot for taking photographs from a large viewing platform. If you want to stretch your legs or walk the dog before heading home, you have plenty of trails to choose from. Most trails lead to other waterfalls, including Dawson Falls, rushing widely over lava beds and Silvertip Falls.

Preparing For Your Road Trip

Throughout the season, it’s a good idea to check the weather and online road reports for delays that may interrupt your travel plans. In preparation, you’ll need your seasonal emergency kit, and check your spare tire to make sure it’s in good repair. Check in with friends to let them know your route and when you expect to arrive back home, especially if you plan on traveling solo.
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