Did you know Kamloops is one of the premier mountain biking spots in Canada? It’s popular with riders travelling to train and experience the unique trails on either side of the Thompson River. If you’re looking for an exciting summer ride on your next road trip, check out some of these trails in the Kamloops area:

Cross-Country Mountain Biking

  • Lac du Bois Protected Grasslands: With over 20 km of cross-country trails, this spot is perfect for mountain bikers of all skill levels—from beginner to pro. These trails are known for their stunning views of the grasslands around Kamloops.
  • Kenna Cartwright Park: Enjoy the view as you ride through the largest urban park in BC. This network of trails offers 40 km of intermediate and advanced routes through pine and sagebrush forests.
  • Pineview Valley Trail Network: Perfect for more advanced riders, this collection of trails spans over 50 km and features rugged cross-country climbs and downhill rides over mountain terrain.

Downhill Biking

  • Kamloops Bike Ranch: Known as “The Ranch” within the mountain biking community, it’s a playground of trails, jumps, and structures designed to test your skills!
  • Harper Mountain: This network of 13 downhill trails is ideal for riders seeking a true “mountain” biking experience. These trails are best suited for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Sun Peaks Resort: Less than an hour’s drive north of Kamloops, it’s the perfect place for downhill. Take the chairlift up to access 40 trails for riders of all levels, and enjoy all that the village offers after your day!

Adapt Your Vehicle to Transport Bikes

With the variety of trails available in the Kamloops area, it’s the perfect time to get out and ride! Most trucks and cars can move bikes easily:
  • Hitch bike racks: If your vehicle has a trailer hitch, the very best way to carry your bikes – whether electric or non-electric – is to choose a hitch-mounted rack—many of these swing out for loading and allow you to carry multiple bikes at once. Check the weight guidance for the model before you buy… some are better designed for heavier electric bikes.
  • Truck bed bike racks: Support bars or rails are mounted to the bottom of your truck bed to keep bikes secure during transport.
  • Roof racks: Preferred for road bikes which are lighter to lift up and onto your roof!

Need a Hitch Installed?

Looking to get your vehicle ready for your next mountain-biking adventure? We’re in Kamloops and can help prep your car or truck before you head off on your road trip thus summer. We do vehicle repairs and maintenance year-round. Contact us today to book your next service visit at one of our two Kamloops locations.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops