Car filters must remain clean and unclogged for efficiency. Filters accommodate air or fluid flow and trap debris that could otherwise affect performance, contribute to corrosion, or just plain smell bad. Replacing the filters regularly will keep your engine running smoothly and maintain clean air in the cabin for your health. There are four main filters in your car – cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters and air filters.

Cabin Filters

Newly designed antibacterial cabin filters offer more protection than filters of the past. Some premium filters neutralize 99% of germs, bacteria and mould spores. If you or your passengers have asthmatic issues or other respiratory sensitivities, we recommend using a premium filter. All cabin filters help eliminate odour, protect you from noxious traffic fumes, and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Your make and model will determine which filter fits for installation. When we change your cabin filter, we also clean the inside of the filter housing. Cleaning accessible vent surfaces with an antibacterial spray and cleaner should be part of your routine when you clean the inside of your car. If your filter is dirty when temperatures drop in winter, your windshield may fog, causing visibility issues. In the summer, a clean cabin filter protects against pollen, summer dust and even forest fire smoke.

Oil Filters

Your oil filter removes contaminants from motor and transmission oil. Keeping your oil clean allows for continuous flow so your engine and transmission is protected by the viscosity of clean oil. Our technicians change the oil filter with every oil change service, to avoid the new oil from becoming contaminated. Dirty oil filters lead to poor performance, early engine wear and if bad enough, engine failure.

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Fuel Filters

These highly efficient filters remove contaminants in the fuel, including rust, dust and grit. They protect your fuel injectors from corrosion and are significant in protecting the longevity of your engine. Have the fuel filter changed on a regular basis to protect car parts and maintain engine performance. If your filter gets dirty and is not replaced, fuel flow is affected. This means the fuel pump works harder causing problems when you try to start your car, or with acceleration. Contaminants have an abrasive action on car parts and can damage fuel pumps and injectors. Since these are expensive parts to replace, changing your fuel filter at regular maintenance appointments can save you money on car repairs.

Air Filters

Depending on the make and model of your car, truck or SUV, air filters come in panels, cylinders or are circular. Clean air filters protect your engine from sand, dust, debris and even insects and they provide a good mixture of fuel and air for optimal performance. A clean air filter can save on fuel costs, and contribute to engine performance.

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From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops