If you’ve just bought a used vehicle registered in another province, it is subject to inspection at a designated inspection facility. BC’s Vehicle Inspection & Standards program is dedicated to having only the safest and most roadworthy vehicles on our highways. Inspections are completed by qualified mechanics throughout the province that are authorized to write your legal report that include a thorough check of your car’s performance and mechanical systems. Your authorized mechanic will check the brakes, tires, seat belts, warning lights and safety systems, steering, mechanical (body) integrity, engine compartment, lighting and electrical. When completed, you receive a comprehensive report explaining the results of the inspection and can proceed with your BC registration.

Vehicles that do not need a provincial safety inspection:

  • New vehicles
  • Low speed electric vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Vehicles with a net weight of 3501 kg or more
In addition to your safety inspection, you will need to insure the vehicle and purchase a new BC license plate. Bring your support papers into an Autoplan broker’s office at the time of vehicle registration. Support documents include proof of used vehicle ownership (the original vehicle registration certificate), or for new cars your will need the original new vehicle information sheet. You will need to prove ownership, so have your original bill of sale ready from the previous owner. To purchase insurance, your vehicle must have passed a vehicle safety inspection and your broker will ask for your report signed by a BC Designated Inspection Facility inspector as previously discussed. At this time, you will also be required to pay taxes on your new purchase.

A note about your driver’s licence:

If you are moving to BC from another Canadian province, you have 90 days to switch your license. Our current COVID-19 situation has caused changes to driver licensing procedures, so visit ICBC online for the latest updates. If ICBC service centres are open for business, you will need the correct documentation to prove your driving experience. At this time, you will have the option of applying for your BC health care coverage in combination with your new BC driver’s license.

Other reasons to have a vehicle inspected:

If you plan on selling your car or buying a local used car, it’s a great idea to bring it in to our designated inspection facility for a thorough check-over so you know what you are buying. With our inspection report in-hand, buyers will feel more confident in purchasing the vehicle you have for sale. Questions? The process can be complicated, so call us or drive into our location at 181 5B E Trans-Canada Highway in Kamloops to discuss the procedure and book an appointment. We are one of BC’s designated inspection facilities and a full-service auto centre focused on helping new and experienced drivers, whether you are local or new to BC.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops
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