While temperatures rise with the onset of summer, there are steps you can take to maintain the top running condition of your vehicle. As we anticipate the reopening of tourism and cross-province travel, now is the perfect time for vehicle maintenance and repairs before hitting the road for your favourite camping spot or lakeside cabin rental.
Air conditioning is a number one priority for comfortable summer driving, reducing driver fatigue and keeping the family and pets feeling healthy and happy. For older vehicles, you want to check the refrigerant level and cabin filter to ensure maximum airflow and cooling. If your air conditioner is making an irritating high-pitched noise, you may need to clean or replace the blower motor. Have your air conditioning checked by our certified technicians when you bring your vehicle in for its summer maintenance check. You will want to keep your engine cool also, with periodic flushing and making sure the coolant level is appropriate by checking the reservoir when the engine is cool. The rubber components of your system can be inspected at this time, as these parts can deteriorate over time. Check hoses and the drive belt for cracking or worn spots.
To keep your engine from overheating, fluids need to be checked and flushed, replaced or topped-up to continue taking heat away from critical components. As a vital part of engine maintenance, we check all vehicle fluids, including your transmission fluid, power steering and brake fluid, and of course the motor oil. If you are topping up your motor oil, use the type specified in your owner’s manual. Summer motor oils differ from winter lubricants, so be sure to use the right weight for viscosity to improve fuel economy and reduce wear.
Check the air pressure in your tires to prevent them from underinflation, overheating and possible blowouts. Adjusting the air pressure every month is a good habit to get into to reduce uneven tread that causes vibrations, because tire pressure changes with the temperature. Don’t forget to check the spare!
These are just a few tips to keep your vehicle ready and road-safe for the summer. Remember your emergency road kit and drive safe! Have a great summer everyone.
Bring your vehicle in for summer maintenance before you take off on that road trip. We work on domestic and import vehicles, camper vans, SUVs, motorhomes and Subaru.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops