The catalytic converter on your vehicle reduces toxic exhaust gas via catalyzing oxidation and reduction reactions (redox). They’re used with engines fueled by diesel or gasoline and manufactured to comply with environmental agency regulations. Catalytic converters are part of the exhaust system on your vehicle or motorcycle and control emissions.
If your catalytic converter is damaged, you may experience sluggish engine performance, dark exhaust smoke, a bad smell like sulfur in the exhaust, reduced acceleration and excessive heat under your car. Catalytic converters are frequently stolen because of the valuable platinum metals inside them, so unfortunately if this happens to you, you must replace it. Normally, following your recommended maintenance schedule, the converter should last 10 years or more. Keeping your combustion system in good shape minimizes the risk of damage or converter failure. How much do catalytic converters cost? Functional catalytic converters are required in BC to reduce harmful emissions and allow your vehicle to pass mandatory smog tests. The cost of replacements varies with the type of vehicle you drive, so please call us for pricing or bring your car in for a quick inspection.

The Importance of Your Exhaust System

It’s essential to maintain the exhaust system on your vehicle. If your exhaust is not working effectively due to corrosion, or a failed converter, you and other riders in your car could be inhaling harmful toxins normally expelled by the system. Your catalytic converter and exhaust system work together very efficiently for the safety of drivers and the environment. It’s important to avoid rust and keep the exhaust system clean not only for safety, but for quieter operation and fuel efficiency. Regular auto maintenance can save you money on hefty repairs left unattended. We recommend if the engine light goes on, to bring your vehicle in for an inspection and troubleshooting.
Call the pro-team at Advance Auto Service to book an appointment for full automotive service and repairs in Kamloops. Our fully licensed technicians check and replace your catalytic converter (cat) if needed after your inspection. We’ve been serving Kamloops drivers since 1988 and look forward to keeping you safe on the road, and your car running at peak performance.

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