Most people think of the importance of emergency kits for their cars during the winter months—but it’s just as essential to pack an emergency kit to help you through the challenges of a summertime breakdown. Summer temperatures can impact the performance of some vehicles, so here are some items Advance Auto Service recommends for your car’s summer emergency kit.


The #1 most important item to pack in your summer emergency kit is water. It can take several hours for tow trucks to reach your location, especially when it’s busy or if you break down on the highway in a remote area. Ensuring you have enough water for each person in your vehicle is essential—at least 1 litre per person is ideal.

Roadside Hazard Equipment

Since summer is a busy time for drivers and highways are packed with larger recreational vehicles, you need to make sure your vehicle is visible during a breakdown. Hazard equipment like compactable traffic cones or reflective signs and flags can help other vehicles see you on the side of the road and pass by you safely.

Jumper Cables

One of the important items in your roadside emergency kits is jumper cables. They allow you to jumpstart your car if your battery runs dead, or help other motorists in need of a boost.

Reflective Blanket

In summer, a reflective blanket isn’t used to keep you warm—it’s used to stay cool. It can block out the sun coming in through the window or provide shade when you’re outside of your vehicle. Pick one up next time you are in Canadian Tire!

First Aid Kit

First aid kits usually include bandages, antibiotic cream, tape, and gauze. In the summer months, your kits should include sunscreen and allergy treatments like antihistamines or EpiPens.


A flashlight is always a good idea in an emergency kit, and the summer is no different. Opt for an LED flashlight or “powerless” hand-crank model. Make sure you also keep a set of spare batteries in your kit.

Protein-packed Snacks

No one likes to be hungry during stressful situations, and roadside assistance can sometimes take several hours during the summer. Packing some heat-proof snacks like trail mix, fruit leather, and granola can keep you and your passengers fueled while waiting for assistance.
More Essential Summer Emergency Kit Items:
  • Tool Kit
  • Multitool Set
  • Roadside Flares
  • Bug Spray
  • Map
  • Toilet Paper
  • Umbrella or poncho
  • Tarp
  • Rapid Flat Tire Repair Kit

Happy Driving!

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From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops