Motor oil lubricates moving engine parts to reduce friction and wear and cleans the engine from sludge. It may not seem like such a big deal but running clean motor oil is vital to the life of your engine. Check the owner’s manual to learn the recommended mileage per oil change. It’s not just about mileage though. Even if your car is parked for long periods of time, your oil still needs to be kept fresh. Motor oil becomes less effective with age as it loses viscosity. Classic cars need monitoring, but newer vehicles have service reminders that light up on your dash when necessary.
Ask us about the different types of engine oil available for your vehicle.
  • Multi-Viscosity – A great choice for varying climates and temperature changes.
  • Semi-Synthetic – Great for cold starts.
  • Full Synthetic – The best protection against engine wear.
If you are using a straight grade oil, you will need seasonal oil changes because of fluctuations in temperature. The “W” on the packaging means Winter, not weight, as most people think. A 10W flows better in cold weather and protects the engine at start-up, but 10W is too thin for summer use. Multi-grade oils are formulated to stay close to optimum viscosity over a range of temperatures for year-round use.

Check your oil often!

Check the oil before starting the engine [while the engine is cold] and park on even ground before pulling the dipstick. Even newer cars need the occasional oil top-up between changes but checking your oil as a general habit is important because if you discover your oil level is dropping, then you may have an oil leak problem. This could be a sign of worn internal engine components or the valve seals could be leaking oil into the engine. Worn out piston rings could cause loss of engine oil as well. Be sure to get repairs done at the first sign of a leak to reduce further damage. The engine oil should appear the same colour as when it was filled, brown or black. If the oil has a milky appearance, your coolant may be leaking into the engine.
At the time of your appointment, you may also want to consider a new oil filter and engine flush. The addition of fresh, clean oil doesn’t make sense unless you have a new clean oil filter. An engine flush will loosen buildup [deposits] and return your engine to like-new condition. Contact us to book your appointment at a time convenient to you. The team at Advance Auto Service follow current health protocols to keep customers COVID-safe and happy on the road. We look forward to serving you.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops