When we’re on the road, whether driving to the local grocery store or to social distance with friends, we can turn on the air conditioning on with a quick flick of a switch. But – how do you keep your car cool when it’s parked?

1. Purchase a solar powered fan.

Placing a fan on top of the window to blow hot stale air out of the car draws fresher air inside while it’s parked. A rubber strip keeps them locked in place and secure. They are solar powered, so no batteries or plug-in cords are needed for charging while they effectively reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and maintain good ventilation. There are several sizes (including dual fan styles) available for purchase online or from your local retailer.

2. Keep your windows slightly cracked.

This simple trick works surprisingly well as hot air building inside the car creates a natural current to push interior air outside. While not as effective as a solar powered fan for heat displacement, cracking your windows to create airflow does work. The only consideration is to make sure your vehicle is parked in a secure location so it doesn’t invite break-ins.

3. Use a sunshade or sun visor.

Sun visors fit on the outside of your windshield to block heat with a reflective heavy-duty aluminum film double sided with durable fabric. Anti-theft loops can be joined into the door to fix it firmly on the glass surface. You can find a style that specifically fits your car, truck or van. Sun visors are multifunction because you can use them in the wintertime to protect your windshield from snow. Sunshades are easy to install on side windows and protect the kids from glare, heat and UVA. While they won’t get a sunburn through the glass, UVA is known to cause skin damage. Sunshades are constructed with flexible mesh, are lightweight and foldable for storage when you don’t need them. They work well reducing interior temperature, as the breathable mesh allows air flow.

4. Park in a garage if possible.

We know it’s a pain to move your car inside the garage when a space becomes available, but keeping your vehicle inside can save your paint and dash from sun damage. If you don’t own a garage but underground parking is available (and hopefully affordable) you can save your car from seasonal damage.

5. Throw blankets over the seats.

This simple trick works like a charm because although not as effective as a sun visor on the outside of the car, blankets absorb UV to keep heat off the seats. Beach towels work great if they’re not wet, as they are usually big and thick enough for this to work. Covering your dash and steering wheel is a great idea too, and prevents fading and cracking caused by sun damage.

8. Park in the shade.

We know you are saying ‘of course!’ but sometimes it helps to project the path of the sun and know how long your car’s going to be parked under that shade tree. Shade moves throughout the day, and the trick is to park so as to utilize its path.

9. Leave the doors open before getting in.

When you first get in your car and start the AC, keep your doors open to blow the hot air out of the interior before closing your doors and driving off. If you have a sunroof, leaving it open momentarily helps move all that miserable hot air out of your car as heat rises in a current.

10. Bring your car in to the techs at Advance Auto Service.

Of course, AC is necessary here in the sunny Thompson-Okanagan where summer temperatures can soar to 40 during a heat wave. If you’re having trouble with your AC, bring your car in and we’ll get it running efficiently so you can stay cool and comfortable. If your classic car doesn’t have AC, we can install a unit for you. Just because you love vintage style doesn’t mean you have to fry to drive. Adding AC to a classic car is not a problem for our licensed technicians.
From the team at Advance Auto Service in Kamloops

Happy driving! Stay cool and enjoy your summer.

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