If you live in Kamloops or another town in the Thompson Nicola region, you know how hot it can get in the summer months. Whether you’re heading out for a drive up to Paul Lake or driving to the Dragon Boat Festival at Riverside Park, it’s essential to prepare your vehicle to handle extreme heat. Here’s our Advance Auto Service team’s top 5 tips to care for your car in a hot, dry climate.
  1. Get Your Emergency Kit Ready
    The most important summer vehicle summer maintenance tip is to have your summer emergency kit prepared. The last thing you want is to be stuck outside without shade with a broken-down vehicle. An added tip—be sure to carry a few litres of water for each passenger just in case.
  2. Check Fluid Levels
    Schedule an early summer vehicle check up with us; we’ll make sure to check fluid levels of all your automotive fluids including oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. In extreme heat, a full reservoir of coolant is essential to keep your engine from overheating.
  3. Change Your Air Filters
    Hot summers in Kamloops means air conditioning on full blast! But your air conditioner won’t perform properly if your air filters are clogged and dirty. As part of your vehicle health check, a summer maintenance check at Advance Auto Service will include checking your engine and cabin air filters and change them if they are damp or discoloured.
  4. Get New Wiper Blades
    Hot and dry areas like Thompson County are also known for severe thunderstorms and sudden heavy rainfall in the summer. That’s why you should get new wiper blades every year. Not only do they help clear water from your windshield quickly, but they can also help on long summer road trips to remove bugs and mud splatter.
  5. Change To Summer Tires
    An essential summer vehicle safety tip is to change your winter tires to summer tires. Winter and summer tires are designed differently—summer tires are made to withstand intense summer heat and extremely hot road conditions. Summer tires also maintain tire pressure differently than winter tires—making them less prone to blowouts on hot days.
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